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YOGA means yoke, union or discipline. In its simplest form, yoga is a system of specific poses (asanas), breathing exercises and behaviors designed to heal, purify and bring awareness to both body and mind.

Classes at Balance Yoga & Wellness are led by certified teachers and are mostly vinyasa-based at every level from beginners to advanced practitioners. Most classes are heated to a least 75 degrees (some much warmer) and have music playing in the background.

We encourage all students to find and honor their own expression of yoga by cultivating awareness and by practicing non-injury (ahimsa) by mindfully moving through every practice. New students are encouraged to read our tips for Your First Yoga Class.


Our Class schedule can be found by clicking this link:  Class Schedule


Drop in $15

Student/Senior Drop in $10

30 Day unlimited yoga pass $39 (one per client)

10 Class pass  $115

10 Class pass student/seniors

Monthly Memberships

6 month membership

Student/Senior  $80 month

Regular $90 month

1 Year membership

Student/Senior  $70 month

Regular $80 month


Members receive 15% off massage, privates and receive special prices throughout the year.

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