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Connecting with Nature and Spirit with Nadiya Nottingham


February 2nd,2013 10:00am to 4:00pm with Lunch Break

Have you ever noticed that you get a particular thrill or tingle when you see a certain animal or that your heart or mood seem to lift in presence of a certain flower, tree or even as you look a field of wild grasses waving in the wind. Have you found yourself laughing inside or out loud by a dog’s playful gesture, or have an otherwise ordinary moment elevated by a bird song?

In Celtic Shamanism, Native North and South American Traditions there is a core understanding that we are each born with Helping Spirits in either Animal, Plant or Human form, and over the course of our lives various Helpers from the realms of The Three Worlds, (Upper, Lower, Middle) show up to give us powerful assistance for our lives, for our relationships, for our personal healing and to strengthen our connection to the Earth, while helping us understand the more complex realms of Spirit on all levels.

In this workshop with Shamanic Practitioner and yoga teacher, Nadiya Nottingham, you will experience a classic Shamanic Journey to find or reconnect with your personal Helping Spirits and we will learn and discuss the possible meanings of what shows up for you.

We begin the day with a ritual to call in the Seven Directions, East, South, West, North, Above, Below, Within. This is followed by a short meditation on the Elements and a discussion on Shamanism and Nature Spirits.

We will Journey accompanied by Nadiya’s rhythmic heartbeat drumming after which we will discuss in depth the experiences of who or what showed up for each person in their vision journey.

In the afternoon portion we will have a yoga practice based on this new expanded self, supported by the Helping Spirit energy, which in yoga we refer to as Prana.

This work has many almost instantaneous benefits for most of us, including release of fear and anxiety, sometimes healing of physical and emotional traumas, assistance with addictive behaviors, healing inner child traumas, deep and meaningful connection to nature, increased expansion of the breath. Most of all one may find a real sense of joy and letting go of harsh self-discipline as we open to the compassionate qualities of our Helping Spirits and the innate Spirit within.

$55 for the day

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