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Exhale Swedish Massage

Classic firm yet gentle massage with long, flowing strokes, kneading and stretching for a full body relaxing experience. Perfect for stress reduction and rejuvenation. 30 minute-$45, 60 minute-$65, 90 minute-$100

Deep Tissue, Swedish Blend

Advanced, precision bodywork that addresses adhesions in muscles and their associated structures. Deep tissue work is not painful when administered correctly (when done slowly and with great care). At times it can be intense for the client requiring focus and breathing. Breaks up chronic muscle tension and addresses postural issues. 60 minute-$75, 90 minute-$110

Therapeutic Massage

A blend of techniques; trigger point therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, muscle energy technique and Hendrickson method of assessment. Helpful for acute or chronic injury 60 minute-$70, 90 minute-$105

Hot Stone Massage

Deep, penetrating warmth from Basalt stones melts muscle tension and soreness. organic essential oil blends. Choose from: Refresh, Relax, or Meditative. 60 minute-$125

Prenatal Massage

A specialized massage geared towards the special concerns and needs to support the body and 30 minute-$45, 60 minute-$65

Aromatherapy Add-on

$5 per 60 minute massage

Facial Massage Add-on

$5 for 5 minute massage

Cold Pack Add-on

$5 for 10 minutes

*After any massage session, please be sure to increase your water intake. All of our therapists are trained professionals. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please let the therapist know as well as the Balance Yoga and Wellness Staff.


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