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Priya Priya

Priya Idgunji

eRYT 200hr

Yoga came into my life at an early age. My mother having practiced under B.K.S. Iyengar for 3 years, taught me as I grew up. In my teens, I studied yoga for 6 months in India, and elected to take yoga classes in college. In 2008 I began a dedicated physical practice, originally seeking only that; however, what unveiled was a mindful practice that gave me the tools to improve my overall well-being. With that realization, my interest piqued in uncovering yoga's full potential.

My yoga practice blossomed into an exploration, aided by brief opportunities to study with many teachers including David Swenson, Dina Amsterdam, and Seane Corn. It became evident that yoga wasn't just a hobby, it was a way of life. It felt most natural to pursue a devoted path of becoming a yoga teacher so that I could cultivate this experience in others. I decided to combine my love of travel with my training, and headed to Bali in April 2010 to get my 200 hour Hatha Yoga certification from Prana Yoga Teacher College. In 2011, I continued my journey by receiving a 100 hour Vinyasa Yoga certification from Balance Yoga & Wellness, and a 120 hour Bhakti Flow Yoga certification from Rusty Wells of Urban Flow in San Fransisco. The strength, grace and wisdom of my all of my teachers, have broadened my love of yoga and honed my ability to share it.

It is my goal to teach and instill all of what yoga has to offer in mind, body, and spirit. I will continue to practice and remain a perpetual student of Yoga.


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