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Dana Sherman

RYT 200hr

I found yoga when I needed help with added flexibility and core strength as a cheerleader and in gymnastics. I turned to it time and time again, seeking its wonderful physical benefits. It became much more than a physical practice when I found out I was carrying my first child. My mindset and lifestyle, of course, changed drastically. During my pregnancy, prenatal yoga was weaved into my daily routine. But without even realizing it, I was now practicing yoga on a mental, emotional and spiritual level everyday as well. I started to become more aware of the signals my body was sending me. I realized that I not only needed to slow down physically, but also to calm my mind and learn to embrace my emotions. It was during this time that I knew I needed to teach this beautiful practice to others. This is how I can help make this world a better place, in my own way. As with many others, my yoga journey began with me seeking physical benefits, and then blossomed into so much more. I became certified to teach in May 2010 through YogaFit, and am continuing my yoga education at Balance Yoga. I've completed 100 hours of Balance Yoga's 200 certified teacher training with teachers Jennifer Ciarimboli, Pradeep Teotia, Chris Loebsack and Beatriz Rivera. I was also very blessed to have studied prenatal yoga with Jennifer Allen Logosso.



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