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Alex DuBois

RYT 200hr

The continuous practice of yoga quite literally shifts the bones and muscles of the body, creating a “new self” with the execution of each pose.   In other words, with each breath, and with each gesture, we are reborn.

Esoterically, these postures have changed me.  They have given me an incomparable sense of ease and completion.  They have given me a deep, durable strength.
I am not the same.

I teach from my experience with a daily asana and meditation practice.  I pass on insights from other instructors and things that I read. It seems that yoga has created a diversity in me that extends into my classes. Often, they are rich and dynamic. Other times they are introspective and composed.  Regardless of the tone, they are always taught with earnestness and a desire to help each student find a sustainable and personal expression of authenticity.


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